Iris MTM + Stereo Vision

Iris M™ + Stereo Vision is a two-camera Motion Amplification® system that will enable full-field vibrational measurements to be taken simultaneously in all directions (3 dimensions/axes).


Iris M + Stereo Vision uniquely gives users the ability to acquire synchronized waveform and spectral data in 3 dimensions for virtually any region of interest, anywhere on the asset, in just one data capture. This multi-dimensional measurement is engineered to function as one system, helping to avoid over- or under-testing problems caused by single-axis vibration tests.  Iris M + Stereo Vision increases visibility, efficiency and helps users see patterns, trends and non-obvious relationships in just a single test.



Increased Visability

Comprehensive Data

Increased Efficiency

More data in a single capture – powering visibility into operations, assets, and opportunities.​Easy to understand stereo image data leads to deeper insights and improved decision making.​Reduction of setup time compared to sensors and increases speed to insight.