Vibration Measurements for Machine Monitoring and Diagnosis

Motion Amplification® measurement

The offer for measurements includes the implementation of a diagnostic service using IRIS M™ camera and analysis in the Motion Amplification software which contains:
Preliminary measurement, selection of the frame and lighting, film registration, analysis, preparation of the report.
Possible measurements using the RDI Technologies IRIS M™ – Motion Amplification® system are carried out on your chosen installation.

The duration of the measurements is – 1 day, however, real measurements on the site is 4 hours daily due to battery time life.
Video information is given in real time (process visualization, along with analysis).
After the measurements are completed, a final report is prepared along with analysis.

Before performing the service:

  • Due to the necessity to use optical instruments – when planning outdoor measurements, please take into account the weather conditions that may affect / or prevent the performance of the service.
  • Please specify the information regarding the measurement of planned machines / installations.

              In case of performing the “Troubleshooting” service, please contact us to present a dedicated offer.

Technical report with the results and comments on the measurements will be made available in a “mp4” video format.

We deliver the report within two weeks of the service being provided.

If you are interested, we will make a dedicated offer: